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We are proud to help Nate and his team with the family farm. Employee Link tracks their hours & speeds up payroll, simplifies scheduling and improves comunication between management and employees. Thanks Nate happy we can help!

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Working for Victory Pest Control

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Paperless Timesheets

Digital timesheets notify you when new hours are entered and allow you to see the total cost of labor for each pay period. Stay organized and informed with paperless timesheets.

  • Track hours, breaks, overtime
  • GPS location tracking reduces time theft
  • Get notifited when employees enter hours
  • Track job labor cost
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Granular time tracking

Work Day Tasks and Costs

A straightforward approach for companies to track workday tasks and manage associated costs. It allows for the creation of tasks, assignment of different labor and billable rates, and offers detailed analytics for monitoring efficiency and profitability. This feature is built to support better financial and operational decision-making in businesses of all sizes.

  • Create tasks tailored to your company's operations
  • Adjust labor rates for specific tasks
  • Set billable rates for tasks to track and charge for client work
  • Access analytics for a clear view of task performance and cost
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Simplified leave management

Time Off

Give your team the ability to request time off. Admins will be alerted of new requests and can prompty approve or deny their leave. Use the visual time off timeline to aid in effective scheduling.

  • Create custom time off policies
  • Approve and deny time off requests
  • Manage your team's time off balances
  • View approved time off requests on a visual timeline
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Increased communication

Work Day Notes

Employees can add notes and images to their timesheet entries. This lets you know exactly what they worked on that day.

  • Get notified when new notes are added
  • Look back in time to see what was worked on
  • View images of completed work to approve quality
Store - Share - Download

Job Files

Store your job files and share them with your team. Keep your files organized and make sure your company can find the information they need.

  • Upload all your job files
  • Ensure your team can easily find job information
  • Share & download files onto your device
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Plan your jobs

Detailed Schedules

Let your team know the plan. Job tasks show employees what work to complete with notes and images.

  • Employee are notified when they are scheduled
  • Get alerted of any schedule changes
  • Add tasks with notes & images to schedules
Save hours on payroll

Payroll Simplified

Instantly see how much time each employee worked and what they should be paid. Export a pay period breakdown by email to your bookkeeper.

  • View total hours and labor costs
  • Mark employees paid
  • Export PDF pay period breakdown by email

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Foundational Features
  • Unlimited time tracking
  • Job task tracking
  • Job labor tracking
  • Time sheet exports
  • Team chat
  • File management
  • GPS time sheets
  • Photo verified time clock
  • Time off tracking
  • Scheduling
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