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Simple Time Sheets

Track Your Team


Your Team's Timesheet

Employee Link connects you to your employees by including two unique apps in one. For the employee, a simple app for reporting work hours and for you, the employer, a powerful labor management app to simplify your business.


Track Work Hours and GPS Location

Employee Link records the location where an employee clocks in and out of work each day. And you choose whether your employees report hours using a time clock or by entering hours/minutes worked. Have employees on various jobsites and work schedules? Streamline your payroll and labor costs analysis with Employee Link’s work hours reporting and GPS location tracking.


Forget the paperwork!

Employee Link automatically calculates your employees' gross pay, by pay period, so you can eliminate timesheets. With one click, mark workdays for an employee as’paid’. And, if you’re not just the employer but part of the crew, use Employee Link to track your own hours and salary.


Labor reports that work for you

Employee Link calculates total labor hours and labor costs for each job. The simple invoicing tool instantly provides the data you need for client billing.


See data

your way

Employee Link provides three options so you can choose how to view reported work hours:

Date View

See daily reports from all your employees, or quickly locate a record from a prior pay period.

Employee View

View hours reported by an individual employee and view gross pay calculated for any pay period.

Job View

View all reported hours by job - a quick snapshot of total labor hours and costs for all your work projects.