Employee Timesheets

Tracking hours is easy with digital timesheets. Our time clock has every feature your company needs.

GPS location clock in & out timesheet tracking
Clock in & out location

GPS Location Tracking

GPS tracking brings a new dimension to your time and break tracking. Take control of attendance management and streamline break supervision with GPS location data. This feature not only captures accurate clock-ins, clock-outs, and break times but also visualizes these events on a map for effortless management.

  • Precise Attendance Management
    Leave no room for inaccuracies in clock-ins, clock-outs, and break times. GPS location recording adds a layer of precision to your time tracking system, preventing early clock-ins and late clock-outs.
  • Break Supervision Made Easy
    Ensure compliance with break policies by tracking break start and end times along with their respective GPS locations. This simplifies break management while maintaining a transparent process.
  • Visual Accountability
    Admins can view all clock-in, clock-out, and break locations on a map. This visual representation enhances accountability and simplifies oversight.
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Photo verification for clock in and out
Clock in & out confirmation

Photo Verification

Ensuring accurate attendance and preventing unauthorized clock-ins has never been easier. With this feature, employees can validate their clock-ins and clock-outs by taking a quick photo of themselves.

  • Trustworthy Time Tracking
    Say goodbye to doubts about the accuracy of clock-ins and clock-outs. Photo verification adds an extra layer of confidence to your time tracking system.
  • Employee Accountability
    By associating a photo with clock-in and clock-out records, employees take ownership of their attendance. This accountability fosters a responsible work culture.
  • Prevent Time Fraud
    Eliminate the risk of time fraud and buddy punching. Photo verification ensures that the person clocking in or out is genuinely present.
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Work day notes give you more information about worked completed
Increased communication

Work Day Notes

What matters more than how long you worked? It's what you got done. Work day notes allow employees to record and show what they got up to in during their shift.

  • Enhanced Clarity
    With added notes and images on timesheets, understanding each task becomes a breeze. This boosts collaboration and ensures everyone is on the same page.
  • Ownership and Accountability
    By showcasing work through notes and images, team members naturally take ownership of their contributions. This fosters a sense of responsibility and pride.
  • Efficient Review Process
    Managers can swiftly review timesheets alongside the attached notes and images. This streamlines feedback and approval procedures.
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Detailed break times show you when and where your employees take breaks
Precision break tracking

Detailed Break Times

View the start, end and duration of each break your team takes. If you choose you can also view the location the start and end their breaks.

  • Flexible Break Recording
    Employees can effortlessly log multiple break times with precise start and end times. This level of granularity allows for a more accurate representation of their workday, ensuring compliance with break policies.
  • GPS Location Tracking
    Employees' break start and end locations are now logged, providing you with an added layer of verification and accountability.
  • Transparent Reporting
    Managers gain access to a comprehensive overview of employees' break schedules and locations. This transparency fosters a culture of trust and promotes open communication between team members and management.
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Detailed break times show you when and where your employees take breaks
Flexible wage rates

Shift Premiums

Set up wage rate increases on days of the week or between times of the day or night. We give you the ability to enter your company's exact compensation package.

  • Flexible wage rate increases
    Choose whether wage rates are increased by a percentage or by a flat dollar amount.
  • Pick your premiums' schedule
    Easily set up customized schedules to define which days or time periods are eligible for shift premiums.
  • Work hours reporting
    All shift premiums are automatically calculated and available for viewing inside the app and in your exported reports.
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